Introducing the Morgado Lusitano Stallions

Have you ever watched a classical horse exhibition or seen a high level dressage test performed and wondered what it would be like to ride one of those horses?  Perhaps you are riding  at training or level one tests and would like to experience what the lateral work of higher level test feels like.  At Morgado Lusitano you will be provided the opportunity to ride Lusitano stallions that are trained to the high level that is required for this type of work.  Every horse is a bit different, and if you were only put on a schoolmaster your training wouldn't really be complete because the horses are so good at interpreting and performing.  However, at Morgado Lusitano we have nearly a dozen horses for you to ride.  This means that once you get a feel for the instruction, we can select for you a High school trained horse that is NOT a schoolmaster.  The advantage of this is that although the horses are capable, they must be ridden correctly to work.  Since it is rare that clients have schoolmasters at home it is this Morgado Lusitano advantage that really helps you to learn how to ride.  It is not often that horses of this caliber are made available to students of average riding ability, yet it their exceptional training that makes them exceptional for students to use.  In Portugal, only stallions are used as riding horses. In some countries that might cause concern; however, the stallions here possess a temperament of such sweetness, docility and willingness to please that they have no equal.

If there was ever a perfect name for a horse this would be it.  Hercules is our "gentleman professor" and he more than capable to do a big, strong movements however he is very smart as well, and if he feels that a client is a novice he turns down his ability to suit inexperienced riders.  But once a client learns "feel" it is astonishing what this horse will do for you.  Riding this horse is sure to be a treat!  
Judeau is the horse that all the ladies fall in love with.  He is simply gorgeous to look at.  Once astride, you will find him soft, light and attentive.  From the gentlest of aids, he will canter the most beautiful pirouette that you can imagine. 


There are no shortcuts to learning to ride well, but the experience of riding our stallions might just be a major epiphany in your riding journey.  Our beautiful stallions may help you in areas that are typically difficult to access.  A beginner might learn "soft contact"  or "collection" for the first time, a more advanced rider might experience their first "Canter Pirouette" or "Tempi Change."  It is a certainty that riders of all levels will benefit from the experience these horses will bring to them.  


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